From a Mother’s Perspective

A Day of Firsts

As we cross the small one lane bridge into her village I can’t help but become excited.  Will she be happy to see us?  What will she be wearing? Will she smell like roses again?

Then we see her.  She is in the center of the village with her foster mom, waiting for us.  She has hot pink high tops on! How cute! She smiled bigger than yesterday and was happy to see us.  While we drove back to the city, my mom was able to bond with our daughter.

At first she wasn’t too crazy about my mom, but when mom let her see her cell phone, she was hooked on grandma.

We dropped her foster mom off in town and drove to the same play place as yesterday. Our daughter seemed a bit tired today, but she wanted to play on the slide again.  At the bottom you land in a pit of balls. She loves the slide!  It was a chore to get her to crawl in the upper part of the play place, but she finally did . We played our first game of Peek-a-Boo! She laughed so hard, it was contagious.  Music to my ears. You see, it’s the little things that mean so much.  I think to myself, “This might only be her second time playing on play equipment in her life.”

We eventually tired of the slide and wondered around until we found the play kitchen set with all the little piece of food and dishes.  Our daughter is a hoarder.  She likes to grab as many little things as she can and hold them in her hands.  She has no desire to play with them, just hold them. Good fine motor skills and hand muscles I guess.

She is SO beautiful! She smells like roses and her laugh sounds like the prettiest wind chime.  She has short, very dark hair and we found out that she just started walking about a month ago!  She is very talkative and we also found out that her first words were mama, dada, and baba (Bulgarian for grandma).

As we leave the play place I’m told that our daughter will be going up to our hotel room with us after lunch.  How wonderful!  I was able to get her to drink some water and Natalie was very impressed.  You see, we have been told that our daughter doesn’t like to drink water.  The funny thing was she said, “Voda mama” when she wanted more water!  Talk about a wonderful feeling.

After lunch, we got to our hotel room and the first thing we did was take off the insulated tights and change her diaper.

I changed our daughter’s diaper for the first time!

Mom and I put the toys out that we brought along.  She played and explored the room. She showed us that she knew to move her fingers out of the way before the drawer closes.  She was getting very sleepy, so it was time for a nap. Fifteen minutes later she was out and she slept for two hours in my arms. Another first!

After she woke up we needed to head downstairs to meet Anthony and Natalie and return her to her foster mom.  This trip home she stayed awake the whole 30 minutes.  Once we arrived, Natalie went to the house looking for her foster mom. She then called her and found out she was at the neighbors house.  Sure enough. She came jogging “across the way” from the neighbors house carrying something in her hand. We didn’t know what it was, but it looked very yummy.  She gave us some and we said thank you. It was freshly made mekitsa bread that was still hot. It was so good, especially with some jelly on it.

Tomorrow is VISA picture day! Until then…




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