Bon Voyage!!!

Left Behind

Well…now that everything is approved and ready to go…what are we waiting for?!  We felt like we should have been on a plane the next day. Everyone was asking the million dollar question, “When are you leaving to go visit your daughter?”  Our response seemed to be, “Your guess is as good as ours.”

Until then we had lots of things going on and events to look forward to.  My wife, her god daughter, and cousin were able to finish decorating our daughters room.  We also had a very fun weekend getaway planned with my coworkers.

The last weekend of October we prepared to leave for Minnesota.  We were going to the Mall of America for some shopping, a nice dinner, and an evening at the comedy club.  My wife and I were looking forward to this for quite sometime.  We left Friday night to spend an extra night over.  The hotel that was booked for us was very nice.  We only wish we could have enjoyed it more.

A couple days prior to the getaway, I was having some discomfort.  At first I thought it was just gas.

You know! Sometimes gas can be painful.

Then I blamed it on the probiotic my wife had me start that week.  It was later confirmed that it wasn’t the supplement my wife gave me.

We made it through the first night.  It was rough but ok.  On Saturday we spent most of the time shopping at IKEA.  Then we had a afternoon nap before heading to the mall to meet up with my coworkers.  At this point, I was bent in half.  We continued into the night with everyone.  I had three bites of dinner and that was it.  My coworkers went out after the comedy show was over.  But my wife and I decided to head back to the hotel room.  My wife wanted in the worst way to go home and directly to the emergency room.  It was so late, and I didn’t want her to drive in the dark.  I spent most of night in the bathroom. And not sleeping at all.

Sunday morning, we left right away to beat traffic.  After making it back into Wisconsin we stopped for breakfast.  Again I had ate very little.  My appetite was gone.

Finally we made it home.  And I mean finally.  It was a very long drive.  I showered and laid in bed.  I don’t know who couldn’t stand it more, me or my wife.  But what seemed to be a somewhat mutual decision, we headed to the emergency room.  When the doctor came into give us the CT scan results, he was more shocked than we were.  I was convinced that it was my appendix.  But my body proved us all wrong.  I, at the ripe young age of 29 had a bad case of diverticulitis and a partial perforation in my colon.

The doctor admitted me to the hospital and I spent the next few days getting to know the nurses.  My appetite still wasn’t there, but the pain was less.  They gave me tons of antibiotics and some mild pain meds to help to aid in my recovery. On Tuesday, my wife was visiting me.  While she was there, we received an email from our attorney in Bulgaria.


It was happening, we were finally going to visit our daughter.  Right away, we were looking at airfare and seeing what kind of deals we could get.  It was booked!  Leaving at the end of November and returning the beginning of December.  We couldn’t wait.  I really slept good that night.  I dreamed of the moment that I would hold our daughter for the first time.

The following day, the doctor released me from the hospital.  I was feeling about 80%.  Some rest at home, and back to work the following week.

Well, we made it home that’s for sure.  I slept thru the night, but the next morning I was in unbearable amounts of pain, worse than before.  My wife, had to go into school to prep for a sub and left me at home with phones by my side just in case.  Within 15 minutes of her leaving I was on the phone asking when she was coming home.  She hadn’t even made it to work yet.  My wife called our amazing neighbor, who drove me back up to the emergency room.

Right before they took me back for another CT scan, my wife showed up.  I was relieved that she finally had made it.  The results weren’t good.  The perforation was larger and I had begun an infection in the abdomen.  In a flash, the surgeon was in the room talking about the options that we had.  Because of the risk of being completely cut open, the surgeon recommended that I be transported to a larger hospital, were a whole team would be waiting for me.

At 9 AM that Thursday morning I left the hospital, and at 2 PM I was wheeled into surgery.  Praise God, the surgery was successful, but I had a long road of recovery ahead of me.

The following day, the doctor visited me for the first time.  As he walked in, I asked him, “Will I be able to travel to meet our daughter?”  He responded with what was a, blunt I don’t know.  I spent a little over a week in the hospital, determined to get better so that I could travel.  The day the doctor released me, my wife and I asked again if I was going to be able to travel.  The doctor recommended that I shouldn’t travel, especially out of country.

Not being able to travel was devastating.  How do you expect a husband to send off his wife, at the time alone, to a foreign country?

Well…my mother in-law decided she would go in place.  I was happy that my wife wasn’t going to be alone.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, the day my wife and her mom left for Bulgaria, I was headed back into surgery.  Hindsight is a beautiful thing.  We were very blessed that all of this happened while we were in the United States and not in a foreign country.  The surgery went well and both of the weary travelers made it to Bulgaria.

While staying with my mom and step dad to recover, I was able to Facebook video chat when they arrived.  I couldn’t wait, only two more days and I could witness one of the greatest things next to birth.  I was going to witness my wife hold our daughter for the first time.  A mom to be with her daughter in her arms.

2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!!!

  1. Hardest most trying time for a mother. Watching her son’s sadness and her son’s illness that she could not fix. A feeling I pray you never have to go through. Seems so worth it all now!


  2. Adam ,I am so much enjoying your journaling, When we worked together I always enjoyed our friendship
    You where probably the only one who treated me decent and always talked me down when I went into one of my fits and where always honest and truthful to me, because of that I will always think of you with highest regards and wish only the best for You ,Jamie and Sofia


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