It’s a Girl!

Finally back to blogging! We are back from our travels abroad and finalized our adoption. This post picks up right where I left off. I am almost caught up to current times and I hope to post a couple times per week.

Bring on the Tutu’s and Ponytails

Well…we were back to square one. It was just us and our forever loving pups. Moving forward again would prove tough. Not many tears were shed. The grieving process, however, is difficult. Some might ask, how can you attach and love a child you never met? And all you have is a picture and a story. That’s if they even have information about the child. Well, I will tell you why.

When you see that child’s picture you can’t help but notice their expressions. You can only imagine what the child’s been through. Maybe they have only known the orphanage life. Maybe they are in a “failure to thrive situation.” Or maybe they are with a foster home where they are preyed on by other kids. Every struggle that you can imagine that the child has been through, makes you want to pursue and commit to their adoption.

It was a few weeks later that our international agency emailed several profiles to us. We were so excited to find out about these wonderful children. Originally we wanted to adopt two children but after all of the education we had completed, we decided it was best for the child and us that we adopt one.  My wife had called me that day at work to let me know that the email had arrived.  We agreed to wait until we both were home to look the profiles together.  The rest of the day seemed to take forever.  I wanted to see and meet these children through their profiles.

One profile particularly stuck out.  It was the profile of a little girl.  She was 3 years old and was darn cute.  I knew from the look in my wife’s eye that this girl was the one.  We read over her profile and fell absolutely in love with her.  It didn’t take us long to reply back to the agency that we were very interested and wanting to commit to this little girl.

I know, how can you fall in love with a picture.  It’s not just a picture.  It is a little girl that you imagine carrying around the mall, playing in the back yard, or swimming in the lake at the cabin with.  You see, it’s all the things that you would do together, all the hugs you would share, all the “I love yous” you would give her, and all the good night kisses you would share.  It’s not just a picture, it’s emotion, it’s attachment, it’s love. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words. And the child’s picture from an adoption profile is worth a million.

Once we committed it seemed like we were in a whirlwind.  We were revisiting all the old emotions as we finished up, what we thought, was final paperwork.  It was just the beginning.  At this point we couldn’t help but be excited.  This time we new we weren’t going to share with our families until we new for sure.



We tried to take care of everything as soon as documents were sent to us.  The quicker we took care of it, the sooner we would be able to meet our daughter.  Time went by.  Sometimes quick and sometimes slower than molasses.  But it always goes by.  I was living day by day.  Get up, go to work, come home and go to bed.  As small family events or other outings would come about, time would seem to go quicker.  But before you new it, 2 months had elapsed.  We were getting closer to getting “the call.”  Well rather, “the email.” It would tell us when we could travel to meet our daughter.

Now things seemed like they were going so smooth, but we found out that God has a sense of humor.  Yes…a strange sense of humor.  But it was his plan and we were going to role with it.

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