Can it Really be This Easy

What’s Next

Being matched with two handsome boys from Poland, was the most amazing feeling.  And it will be something that we will never forget.  Now, it was time to rally and move this Adoption train forward.  Paperwork and more paperwork was in our for seeable future.  Call it luck, but I had happened to be off of work for medical reasons.  Everyday I would continue to work and process our adoption documents.

It’s seemed like every time I would complete one document, two more would replace it.  But I kept moving forward, getting more determined to complete all of the required documents before I would need to return to work.  In addition to completing all of the paperwork we had additional education that was required by the Hague Convention as well as the two agencies we were working with.


Everyday, I would send my wife to work, I stayed home got so immersed in it.  It became an obsession on getting it done.

When my wife would get home from work, I would have all the documents laid out for her to sign.  We schedule appointments on the weekend to have some documents notarized.  Some items required a little more effort than just filling out paperwork.  We had to have an FBI background check done.  This was the first time I had had something like this done.  We printed traditional fingerprinting cards online and headed to the police department to get fingerprinted.  Then we submitted our prints with, you guessed it, a moderately hefty fee, to have them processed.  Several days later they would email us our results.  Not that we were actually worried or anything, nothing did show up.

At this point we had completed the required paperwork, the FBI background check, and some required education.  We then had to submit the documents and our next round of fees to our international agency.


I watched the tracking updates and even requested an email from our social worker confirming she had the check in hand.  I was so nervous that it was going to get lost and somebody would cash the check and we would be out of thousands of dollars.

After finally getting this taken care of we were able to move on to the US Government required documentation.  The form is notably titled, I-800A,  “Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country.”  Yes, our very own Government has to determine us “Suitable” parents to adopt a child.

COME ON!!!! We are church going, hard working, and pay our taxes, and we have to go thru all of this!!!  This was just a concept I wasn’t ready to accept.  But there wasn’t anyway around it.  We were stuck complying with the US Government and everything they required.  As you can imagine, the review of adoption applications, takes a long time.  So while this was going on in the background we continued to educate our selves on international adoptions.  We purchased books from online, watched adoption videos, and listened to webinars.  We wanted to make sure we were in the best position possible when the boys came home.

We printed pictures of our boys and put them up in the house.  And we even gave some to our parents, grandparents, and the soon to be Aunts and Uncles.  WE WERE SO HAPPY!!!!  Each day we were just amazed at how easy things had seemed to progress.  The social worker reassured us everything was going according to plan and that we could possibly have our boys home for Christmas.

This just blew our mind.  What an amazing blessing, our boys home by Christmas.  Other plans started to preoccupy us as we waited patiently to hear from our social workers or the US Government.  We had decided to tackle the boys’ bedroom.  What theme should we do? What colors should we use? Should they share a room?  So many questions came to mind.  It was weeks we had discussed what to do.  Even my in-laws had assisted.  My father-in-law help put in a closet and my mother-in-law helped design.

Now, money was getting low and were starting to discuss alternative ways of financing the adoption.  I couldn’t believe it, there were grants, 0% loans, and even specific adoption loans that we could apply for.  Yet every time I would get to filling in our income, it would tell us we made to much money for the program.  Great!!!  How are we going to pay for this.  It came down to the last resort of paying with credit cards.

Several of my wife’s family members reached out to us and asked about having an Adoption Benefit.  This took up a majority of our time.  Our community, friends, family, coworkers, and people we didn’t even know came forward helped out.  We spoke on the radio about our journey and everything we had gone through thus far.  The local newspaper even interviewed us and wrote a feature article about our benefit and our journey.  We were so incredibly blessed, and thankful.  The day of the benefit many people came out, and people we didn’t even know.  Even days when we checked our mail, we would receive random cards with donations to assist us.  The saying goes, “It takes a village” and for us it truly was taking our community to help bring our boys home.

We couldn’t believe that things were finally coming together.  Everyday we were on cloud nine.  Nothing could go wrong.  We followed every rule and did everything that was required of us.

We couldn’t believe it!  We were going to be a family!  We were so happy!



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